IMPACT is Up with People’s monthly donor program. These monthly gifts—no matter the amount—make a big IMPACT for Up with People. There are many benefits to giving monthly to Up with People:

  • You can set up a monthly giving amount by clicking here.
  • Once you set up a monthly giving option, you’re set. There is only one step.
  • It is easy to adjust. Do you want to increase your monthly gift to Up with People? Just send an email to and let us know the amount.
  • You will make a big IMPACT. Giving one time per month may seem small but when you combine your gifts with the gifts of other friends of our program, you are helping to make a huge difference.

How does your gift IMPACT Up with People?

Your gift will help with either the UWP Fund or the Global Scholarship Fund.


The UWP Fund helps to:

  • Design and employ a unique, unparalleled global student experience.
  • Produce an international show as the main vehicle by which to communicate our mission.
  • Create the effective programming necessary to spread our message and mission while building bridges of understanding as a foundation for world peace.

The Global Scholarship Fund helps to:

  • Change the lives of students wishing to travel in our program and impact communities around the world by providing financial assistance to those in need.