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About Up with People

Up with People exists today to spark people into action in meeting the needs of their communities, countries, and the world while building bridges of understanding as a foundation for world peace. Up with People was founded in 1965 during a turbulent time in history as a vehicle for young people to deliver a message of hope and peace to a world torn apart by war and conflict. Up with People was the song, a conviction, and an organization that would become a worldwide force bringing people together for common good despite ideological, political, ethnic, and religious differences.

Historically, Up with People has ventured into areas of strife to serve as a catalyst for change and peace. Today, we find our world still facing the same challenges. Through a team of positive and solution-oriented young adults and the international language of music, Up with People brings an inspirational message to global audiences, striving for cross-cultural understanding among people throughout the world.

Twice each year—January and July—an Up with People cast of young adults ages 17-29 come together from more than 20 different countries. Over the course of a six-month semester, a cast of 100 participants travel together to multiple continents. They become fully integrated into new cultures by living with host families, engaging in volunteer activities, and sharing their message for the world through the international language of music in a two-hour performance. Up with People students travel with a purpose, perform for thousands, and impact communities all over the world.

Since its inception, Up with People has visited more than 4,000 communities in 42 countries, engaged in over three million hours of community service work, and directly impacted the lives of over 22 million people.


Up with People differentiates itself from other leadership, service, and study abroad programs through its unique program: Travel, Perform, Impact. These components complement and bolster one another, creating a program that empowers and equips participants to be agents of change in their communities, their countries, and the world. For this reason, Up with People is committed to increasing significantly the resources necessary to enhance its leadership, learning, educational, and professional development opportunities for students.

FSC Logo Color TransparentIn collaboration with our academic partner, Florida Southern College (FSC), we offer our students the opportunity to enroll in an academic program, adding great value to our already one-of-a-kind global education experience. Students who enroll in the academic program will complete three university courses to earn twelve university credit hours during their Up with People semester. Coursework is delivered in a blended format, combining in-classroom instruction, experiential learning, and online course facilitation. All coursework is administered and transcripts are issued by FSC.