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Windesheim Honours College

Up with People has an academic partnership with Windesheim Honours College, Zwolle, The Netherlands. The purpose of this partnership is to promote and facilitate student participation in the programmes of Up with People and Windesheim Honours College.

  • Students who have participated in the Up with People programme can include the programme as his/her 30 ECTS election option. This implies that the total number of ECTS he/she still needs to obtain in order to complete the bachelor degree programme Global Project and Change Management is 210 instead of 240 ECTS.
  • Students who are already studying at Windesheim Honours College can participate in the Up with People programme as their 30 ECTS electives option.

Since both programmes have an admissions policy and application procedure, you can only make use of this arrangement if you meet the admissions criteria, and successfully complete the application process. In addition, you will have to write a reflection report in which you reflect on your learning experiences linking them to the learning objectives of the bachelor degree programme Global Project and Change Management.

For more information, please contact:

Beyah Rasool, Up with People, BRasool@upwithpeople.org
Marike Scholten, Windesheim Honours College, m.scholten@windesheim.nl

Visit the Windesheim Honours College Website