Where do we travel? 

The UWP program is a multi-continent tour.  Each semester the UWP program will travel to 18 - 20 communities on at least two continents, spending 4 - 7 days in each city we visit.  Over the past four decades, UWP groups have made visits to 14,000 communities in 71 countries.   UWP students are from all over the world and travel together in groups, called "casts", of 100+ people from more than 15 different countries.

Every semester the international tour is different.  Tour regions are confirmed approximately six months prior to the tour start date, with specific cities finalized two months prior.   Each tour begins in Denver, Colorado USA (home of Up with People's World Headquarters) with a four-week Orientation and Staging program.

Recent tours have included tour time in the United States, Bahamas, Belgium, Bermuda, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Mexico, Japan, The Philippines, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand and Taiwan.

UWP international passportsCultural immersion is a cornerstone of the UWP program and tour experience.  Despite the fact that our program travels to a new community every week, UWP students aren’t merely tourists.  Through service-learning projects and host family stays, our students connect with the places we visit on a personal level.

We don’t just buy souvenirs and take pictures.  We give back and leave a lasting, positive impression wherever we go - and we take with us learning and perspective.

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