Kiwanis International Partnership


About Kiwanis Partnership  

In exchange for visibility and recognition within Kiwanis-family clubs, Up with People takes an active and visible role in driving awareness of the Kiwanis brand and mission through activities of Up with People Offices and our international cast on the road. Kiwanis-family clubs have the opportunity to raise funds, recruit new members, promote local activities and projects through an Up with People cast visit.

About Kiwanis 

Kiwanis clubs, located in 80 nations, help their communities in countless ways. Each community’s needs are different—so each Kiwanis club is different. By working together, members achieve what one person cannot accomplish alone. When you give a child the chance to learn, experience, dream, grow, succeed and thrive, great things happen. 

Service is at the heart of every Kiwanis club, no matter where in the world it’s located. Members stage nearly 150,000 service projects and raise nearly US$100 million every year for communities, families and projects.

No two Kiwanis clubs look exactly the same. Each member’s and community’s needs are different, and each club should look different. Some clubs are very traditional, with weekly meetings and a strong sense of history. Other clubs don’t meet at all, and instead hold meetings online and only come together for service projects. Newer clubs may follow the 3-2-1 concept: 3 hours of service, 2 hours of social activity and a 1-hour meeting each month. Clubs should reflect their communities and their members and should work to meet their needs. Flexibility is key to a successful club.

How your club, division or district can get involved:
  • Sponsor a full UWP cast in your District, Division or Community (able to raise money for club/club programs)
  • Sponsor an UWP performance for a convention or conference
  • Promotional Partner - assist with spreading the word about an UWP Cast visit to your community
  • Host an international cast member
  • Volunteer with the cast
  • Key Club/CKI students can apply to travel with future casts, participate in leadership workshops, attend volunteer projects.
  • Purchase ticket to performance(s)
  • Donate tickets to performance(s) to at risk youth organizations/SLPs

If you are interested in bringing an Up with People cast to your community or are interested in getting involved with an Up with People cast visit in another way contact Chelsey Panchot at