The Up with People Gap Year

Looking for a Gap Year program? Want to spend 6 or 12 months traveling the world? Up with People has been offering one of the most unique Gap Year experiences for young people from around the world for more than five decades. The diversity of experiences available with Up with People is perfect for the person who wants to maximize their Gap Year opportunity!

A Gap Year is often defined as a period of time when students take a break from formal education to do something that provides personal growth through travel, community service and/or internships.

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 “I wouldn’t be the person I am today without my Gap Year spent with Up with People between high school and college. I’m so thankful that my entire year at age 18 was spent traveling the world.” - UWP Alumna Juli from Minnesota, USA

For many, a Gap Year is taken between high school/secondary school and university. Others choose to take their Gap Year during university or even after completing their degree and before beginning a career. Up with People students are ages 17 – 29 so we can offer you this opportunity anytime it suits your personal and educational plans!

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In countries outside the U.S., students have been pursuing Gap Year opportunities for decades. In recent years, however, Gap Year participation has been fast-growing among U.S. students as more and more people begin to recognize the value of providing young people with diverse, personal and educational opportunities to enhance their formal education.

"If it weren't for that Gap Year, I would not be where I am today. I certainly would not be in network news." -Tom Costello, NBC News correspondent, traveled with Cast 1982A - Watch him talk more about his Gap Year in Up with People here.


News about Gap Year for Students and Parents

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