TRAVEL with a Purpose.


PERFORM for Thousands.


IMPACT Communities.


Up with People is a global education and arts organization whose goal is to bridge cultural barriers and create global understanding through service and music. Our program offers a unique, unparalleled experience for its international students through the unique mix of program components:

Students from all parts of the world are invited to travel abroad with UWP for one or two semesters. Each international tour embarks with nearly 100 participants ages 18 – 29 from more than 15 countries. With a diverse student group like this, no matter where in the world the tour goes, students are having an international experience!

For some, our program is their Gap Year experience for personal growth and adventure between high school and university. For others, it is a multi-continent, education abroad experience during college or a global learning and resumé building opportunity after graduation. Our international students also seek to perfect their english-language skills while traveling in our program.

For everyone, our program is an opportunity to develop the skills and attributes needed to be an active global citizen and open the mind to endless opportunity!

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The UWP Semester

Each group, referred to as a “cast”, travels to nearly 20 communities across two or three continents, per semester, spending about one week in each community. Each week they live with a local host family, participate in 8 – 12 hours of service-learning projects, learn about different cultures through 4 – 6 hours of educational workshops, and perform in Up with People’s two-hour professional musical stage production. Programs begin in January or July of each year and college credit is available.  Participants can apply to go abroad with UWP for one or two semesters.


Orlando Reunion Photo21,000+ Worldwide Alumni Network

One of the most valuable, lifelong benefits of participating in the Up with People program is becoming part of a global network of alumni from more than 70 countries. Since 1965, more than 21,000 people have traveled abroad with UWP and there are active alumni communities in all regions of the world.

Our alumni play an important role in the ongoing success of the UWP program and are an excellent source of ongoing personal, professional and philanthropic connections. After completing the student program, every participant automatically becomes a member of the Up with People International Alumni Association (UWPIAA).

Up with People is an independent, educational 501(c)(3) organization with no political or religious affiliation.